IC Medicals: The Future of Medicine

IC Medicals represents one of the most radical innovations in the history of medicine.

Yes, that is quite a bold statement. It is not, though, an exaggeration, and Immersion Health is thrilled to be part of its development. First, some background.

In 1988 French scientist Jacque Benveniste discovered something revolutionary. He demonstrated that high dilutions of antibodies in water - so dilute they didn't exist in the solution anymore - could cause immune cells to respond as though they had been treated with those antibodies.

This was published in the journal Nature, one of the most prestigious scientific journal in the Western world. 

Fast forward to 2011. Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier demonstrated that, upon dissolving substances in water, that water emitted electromagnetic signals. Those signals contained the information of the original substance, such that the water retained the properties of the substance itself. He has now patented this process as a method to diagnose a wide range of conditions simply by "listening" to blood for the electromagnetic signals it emits.

There are other studies that demonstrate the same phenomenon, but the important point is the same with each one: substances dissolved into water and then agitated (shaken, vortexed, etc.) will impart to that water an audio and/or electromagnetic signal that contains the information of that substance.

The next step is the important one and will revolutionize medicine in the coming decades: If you drink water that has only the signal of a medicine or vitamin or herb or other nutrient in it, your body will respond as though you had ingested the actual substance.

This is where IC Medicals comes in, and how it will change the face of medicine as we know it. "IC" stands for Information Copy, and is the term used to describe the digital copy of each substance. IC Medicals is collecting digital copies of hundreds of pharmaceuticals, herbs, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies, and other medicinal substances, and making these available to the public. Using an IC Pad that you purchase at Immersion Health or through the IC Medicals web page (linked below), you pick your IC from the database (ginseng, ashwagandha, metformin, doxycycline, etc.), set your water on the IC Pad, and start the download. Your water imprints the information and you simply drink the water as you normally would.

Immersion Health has been working with IC Medicals to create these digital copies. There are now over a hundred substances that can be downloaded and imprinted as digital copies onto your drinking water. While the technology is new, early indications are that people respond to imprinted water very similar to how they would respond to the medication or nutrient, without the side effects that are caused by the actual substance.









ICs are not a replacement for all supplements and medications, and no one should ever stop a prescription medication or prescribed nutrient once starting to use ICs. However, they can greatly expand the range of therapies that can be utilized. Side effects from ICs are virtually non-existent. "Virtually" is used here because the IC of, say, Nystatin can cause die off symptoms similar to the medication itself. This is to be expected and is a sign that the ICs is doing what it is supposed to do.

Individuals who would like to try IC Medicals can sign up by clicking here. There are 3 different types of IC Pads, the device that plugs into your computer and transmits the signal to your water. You can purchase IC Pads at Immersion Health, or through the shop at the IC Medicals website. There is a one-month free trial period with unlimited downloads. After that there is a low monthly or annual fee for unlimited downloads. The cost is trivial compared to what many spend on both prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as on nutraceuticals.


There are instructional videos on the website to explain the very simple process for creating the ICs, which can be used individually, or complexes of up to 6 ICs can be created and imprinted together. Once signed up you have unlimited access to download as many ICs as often as you like. And please use the "Testimonial" feature that is built into the system to report your experience. It helps everyone learn more about which ICs are most helpful for various conditions.

Patients who sign up are "linked" in the system to Dr. Nigh, and he is able to make individualized recommendations for ICs or IC complexes that are based on symptoms, labs, exposure history, and other relevant information.

Welcome to the future of medicine!

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